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MTN Nigeria Launches Weekly “Y’ello Top Ten” Countdown across Africa Produced by Interglobe Media

May 2, 2011, Atlanta, Georgia

If you’re a music fan, you’ve probably heard countless lists ranking the best songs in history. As a global supporter and affiliate to sports and music, MTN Nigeria has successfully sponsored several global events including the 2010 FIFA World Cup. MTN Nigeria, a leading telecommunications company in Africa and the Middle East, has decided that the time has come to introduce and incorporate the top 10 songs in America to the people of Africa. Syndicated across over 100 radio stations in Africa, MTN is ready to broadcast their second annual, 30 minute, weekly segment of top 10 hit songs of local and international artist: Y’ello Top Ten.

This unforgettable music phenomenon will be delivered to you by Interglobe Music, the record label of Interglobe Entertainment Group. Interglobe Music is also preparing to launch the first MTN Project West Africa Winner for a talent show equivalent to American Idol. “Our mandate is to put this artist on an international platform that will cross his or her music over to the international scene, but until then graciously produce the countdown of all countdowns”, announced Bunmi Jinadu, Founder of Interglobe Entertainment Group.

Hosted by the fun-loving, upbeat DJ MJ43, the countdown showcases a selection of top hit songs from America as well as local artists. Y’ello Top Ten has several features:

  • Underground buzz: introducing hot new singles
  • Entertainment news and gossip
  • Short celebrity interviews and guest hosts

Interglobe Entertainment Group and MTN Nigeria are proud and honored that they are able to provide a platform that showcases and rewards gifted talent, allowing music to be the resource of leisure, education, and uniting the world. 

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About MTN Nigeria

MTN Nigeria is a multi-national mobile phone company whose mission is to lead and enable individuals and businesses to communicate with one another. MTN Nigeria is committed to this mission statement by providing its consumers and employees with a full range of telecommunications services.

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